Venue Advice

An added SK service to help you organise your event!

Soul Kitchen have been helping make events and celebrations a success for over 15 years but we are aware that this may be your first time (particularly if you are organising a wedding).

You have a lot to sort out and it can be stressful and very expensive!

We don’t know much about catering (ironically), or flower arranging, vintage cars or wine lists but we do know what helps to make live music get a party going and what doesn’t!

So to avoid the pitfalls, here are our guidelines and recommendations to help you choose a venue to fit your band or visa versa.

You have 3 issues to consider:

Space and layout

You may have first seen Soul Kitchen play on a stage in a nice big ballroom, function room, theatre or festival and observed a packed dance floor full of very happy people jumping around and smiling. You may have then thought “they would be great at our wedding” and you would be right. However, if you book a venue with a small dining room where the band set up in the corner and the bar is in another room for instance, you may find that the only people jumping around on the dance floor are the band (we always jump around) and your sad uncle Tony with too much wine inside him re-living the great break dance era of the 1980’s!

Our testimonial page will tell you that we are experts at filling a dance floor but if your guests have gone down the corridor to the bar or the room is laid out so half of them couldn’t see the band even if they were in the room, even we cannot recreate the party atmosphere we did when you saw us in the first place – Space and Layout.

Stage area

As Space & Layout, but from the point of view of the band.
Soul Kitchen love to entertain, it’s what we do. We do it partly by playing classic Soul, R+B and Ska but mainly by indulging in on stage antics and dancing which the audience find as funny to watch and join in with as we do. There are 6 fully mobile members of Soul Kitchen and none of us are restrained by instrument or microphone cables.
99/100 function bands will play you their set stood relatively motionless, take the money and go home. But if that’s what you wanted you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place so……… Please ensure your venue has the space or can make the space for 6 maniac chefs to do their thing preferably in an area where your guests can see them. Venues charge a lot for room hire so have the room how you want it – most good venues can organise temporary staging – ask for it to be included in your bill. Our stage area should be a minimum of 6 x 4 m.


OK, think of the best party or gig you have been to where everybody got into it and had a good time. Was the music quiet and apologetic in its delivery? Nope, thought not.

Soul Kitchen are not “Rock Band” or “Night Club” loud but we do pack a punch and have the sound system to do it clearly and powerfully. We operate at an appropriate volume required to generate excitement and fun.

IMPORTANT: Before booking your venues, ensure they have a full unrestricted entertainments licence. If they say yes, then double check that the room you wish to have your event in doesn’t have a volume detector that cuts power to the stage. Why?

Firstly, if they have, it means that either, they do not have a full licence (they have a conditional licence in which they must have one of these gadgets fitted to be able to offer the services you are paying for) – or – they have voluntarily fitted one as they are charging people to stay in rooms who will be disturbed by a party in the room you are also paying for. They are having your cake and eating it!

Secondly, turning power off and then on whilst a band is in full flow can incur very expensive repair bills to sound equipment – we will not play in venues with volume detector circuits.

Thirdly – do you really want the music to keep cutting out when you and your guests are dancing? ….Thought not.