Q: What are the power requirements for the band?
A: The PA and backline can run off a 20amp 240v spur (for marquees and generators) or a normal 13amp ring main at indoor venues. The lighting rig requires a 30 amp 240vspur (for marquees and generators) or 2 x 13amp sockets for indoor venues. Power to marquees must be provided by the marquee company with the correct cable and plug specifications according to regulations. See your marquee provider. The Band cannot run off of garden extension cables running through a kitchen windows etc. The PA speakers must have a dry flat surface to stand on separate from the stage preferably the floor. For safety reasons, the speakers MUST NOT be on the stage with the band or on temporary dance floors. Check with your venue, marquee company.

Q: How much space does the band need?
A: As a guide, we generally ask for a minimum stage space of 4 metres deep by 6 metres wide. We can work in smaller spaces if necessary.
N.B. The more space we have, the better the show we can put on for you and your guests.

Q: How long does the band need to set up?
A: On average, we need between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 mins to allow for a full band soundcheck. That is providing we have direct access to the stage area, preferably with enough space for 6 vehicles and a trailer.

Q: How long does the band play for?
A: We play for a total of 2 hours (2 x 1 hour sets) with a 20-30 minute break between. When we are not playing, we can provide CD music through the sound system to keep the party atmosphere going. We generally look to finish the last set by midnight (or earlier) followed by 30 mins of CD music during pack-down.

Q: Do the band need a dressing room?
A: Yes! We will need a room or a designated area to change into our stage costumes. Toilets and car parks are not the most desirable of dressing rooms (particularly during the winter months!)

Q: Do the chefs in the band need feeding? (Please read carefully to avoid any problems on the night)
A: Mmmmmm….. Yes please! If we are required to arrive and set up before 7pm. Food and drinks for 10 will be required (preferably a hot meal/alcholic and soft drinks..as we are usually one of the first to arrive and last to leave) or access to the buffet, etc, mainly to stop the band members from passing out during the performance!! Please note: 2 band members are vegetarian. We usually like to eat at least two – three hours before the first set! Thanks for reading……….. We look forward to entertaining you and your guest’s.